DIABETEA-Reducing/Lowering Blood Sugar Tea

Item No: TFT-201C
Packing: English Packing
Standard: QS,FAD,ISO22000,HACCP
Origin: Made in China
Specification: 2g*20teabags/box

Quick Overview

Ingredients:Sweet tea,Mulberry leaf,Black tea,Angelica Keiskei Koidzmi, natural and healthy formula no checmical no pollution.

Effects: Reduce blood sugar, enhance heart function, affect the vascular system, balance blood sugar and liver,prevent diabetes.

DIABETEA-Reducing/Lowering Blood Sugar Tea

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Adopting modern science and technology, Blood Sugar Lowering Tea is manufactured mainly with Sweet tea leaves, Mulberry leaves, Black tea and Angelica Keiskei Koidzmi. It is sweet taste, but sugar free, suitable to high blood sugar people, diabetic people, high blood sugar prevention people 

DIATEBEA-Blood Sugar Lowering Tea Effects:

1.Lower blood sugar and urine sugar, does not cause side effects such as low blood sugar, liver and kidney damage.
2.Assist western medicine to stabilize blood sugar, help to disappear some symptoms of diabetes such as dizziness, insomnia, headache, tinnitus.
3.Also it can promote the metabolism.

DIABETEA-Blood Sugar Lowering Tea has its features:

1, Natural: ingredients are 100% natural, no chemical, no additive, no pollution, no side effect, with various nutrients, we can provide test report. Because of main ingredient, sweet tea leaves, it is anti-allergy, immunity improvement etc.br/>2, Delicious: taste sweet sugar free, a special tea different from traditional tea because of rubusoside inside the sweet tea leaves.
3, Fashion: It is easy and convenient to drink it, just 3 minutes with hot water. Also it can be soaked repeatedly.

Why Diabetea can reduce blood sugar but taste sweet? 

DIABETEA reducing blood sugar but taste sweet helps diabetes resolve embarrassment of no sugar.The sweetness of the tea comes from Rubusoside extracted from sweet tea leaves. Rubusoside is a kind of low calorie, high sweetness product, its taste is very close to sugar but its sweetness is 300 times than cane sugar, without production of excessive glucose in the human body metabolism. Diabetic people can take it without any concerns.

Name of product


Main Ingredients

Sweet tea,Mulberry leaf,Black tea,Angelica Keiskei Koidzmi


Reduce blood sugar,  promote metabolism,  beneficial for diabetes after long term using.

Dosage and Usage

Put one teabag in boiled water for 2-3mins


2g*20 teabags/box 48boxes/ctn                                                                             

Applicable population

Diabetic people


Keep in a cool and dry place

Valid Period

24 Months